Certified ecological emulsion paint with excellent whiteness, great hiding power and unrivaled performance. Due to its special formulation it prevents the growth of microbes (bacteria - fungi) on the film of paint.
SKU: 005-1004802
Manufacturer: VITEX
$58,300.20 incl tax

Premium quality, ecological-antimicrobial paint for interior use. It is certified according to the criteria of the European Union Ecolabelling Board (EUEB), according to standard EN 71-3:2013 for non-heavy metal migration from toys and toys materials and by the Industrial Microbiological Services Ltd Registered in England for antimicrobial and hypoallergenic effect according to ISO 22196:2007. It is virtually odourless during its application because it does not contain ammonia or other dangerous substances, such as aromatic hydrocarbons, free formaldehyde, heavy metals or alkylphenolethoxylates. It provides great hiding power, unrivalled performance, exceptional whiteness and excellent durability to frequent washing (Class 1, EN 13300/ISO 11998).

• Ecological
• Antimicrobial - Hypoallergenic
• Durability to frequent washing
• Precision at shades

Vitex Eco, due to its special formulation prevents the growth of microbes in the film of paint, so it’s ideal for painting areas with extra hygienic and aseptic conditions like children’s rooms, hospitals, maternity clinics, surgical clinics, doctor’s practices, schools, kindergartens, gyms, food storagehouses, hotels etc.

Available in white and unlimited number of shades through Vitex’s Colorfull Tinting System