The premium quality emulsion paint Vitex, unrivaled in spreading rate, durability and hiding power. It has excellent leveling properties producing a completely smooth, flat surface. Virtually odorless, a characteristic that makes it friendly to the end user and the environment.
SKU: 005-1002203
Manufacturer: VITEX
$21,416.40 incl tax

Premium quality, vinyl emulsion paint, for interior use, based on PVA-VEOVA copolymers. It provides great hiding power, unmatched spreading rate and exceptional fastness to frequent washing. It has very good leveling properties and produces a smooth, flat surface. Vitex Classic emulsion paint, can be applied to properly prepared surfaces of any material. Virtually odourless during its application because it does not contain ammonia.

• Unmatched spreading rate
• Great hiding power
• Fastness to frequent washing

Available in white, 11 basic shades and 24 ready made shades and an unlimited number of shades through Vitex’s Colorfull Tinting System.