Silicone acrylate high quality product with excellent water vapor permeability, low water absorption and high durability. Ideal for areas with high humidity and extreme weather conditions.
SKU: 005-1003081
Manufacturer: VITEX
$237,960.00 incl tax

Acrylan Silicon is a silicon acrylic product for exterior use, which offers excellent water vapour permeability, low water absorption, long life and at the same time durable and elegant decoration. Unlike other products, in addition to excellent resistance to UV-radiation and weathering, enables the moisture that is trapped inside the wall to escape easily in the atmosphere which in combination with the high surface waterproofing prevents problems such as blisters, cracking, peeling and formation of mold on the surface of the building. It applies to all new or old surfaces such as plaster, concrete or surfaces leveled with putty after appropriate preparation. These properties make Acrylan Silicon ideal for areas with high humidity and extreme weather conditions as well as for the restoration of listed buildings, actively contributing to maintaining the longevity of the building.

• Excellent resistance to UV-radiation and weathering
• Maximum Liquid water permeability (Class III)
• Maximum Water vapor permeability (Class I)
• Long-time protection
• Facilitates trapped moisture to escape

Excellent resistance to adverse weather conditions.
No film change (inflation, cracking, flaking, chalking,etc.).
No shade or gloss change (ELOT EN ISO 2810).
It is breathable. The film allows water vapors to escape from the wall surface, preventing it from mould and fungi growth.
Contributes towards the improvement of indoor air quality, by reducing indoor humidity and preventing from mould and fungi growth.
Positive contribution to energy saving; it helps reducing moisture (which is an important thermal loss factor).
Ideal for areas exposed to high humidity and adverse weather conditions.
It is suggested for renovating commercial or residential old and historical buildings.
Offers long-time protection.
It is recoatable with any acrylic paint of VITEX.

Available in white and an unlimited number shades through Vitex’s Colorfull Tinting System.